ReportMill Training pays for itself!

Two-day, On-site, Expenses-paid Training

Be sure and ask about ReportMill's unique 2 day training program - training that practically pays for itself. For the $5,995 price (travel expenses included) ReportMill will send an engineer on-site to train, then work hands-on with your engineers on your actual project.

This training is effective not only for jump starting your development and catapulting you weeks ahead of your development schedule, but is also effective for organizations faced with the need to rapidly evaluate the product and looking to save the time and money of a dedicated evaluation effort (which can often cost thousands).

Day One

The first day is a complete A-Z coverage of the ReportMill design application and programmatic examples. See how the experts use the product and learn valuable tricks and techniques.

Day Two

The second day is spent one-on-one and hands-on with your engineers, hammering out a handful of reports to jump start your project. This particularly effective method of training can not only make up for several weeks of development, but also exposes your developers to the ReportMill application in the context of problems they already understand. Working with ReportMill engineers also provides valuable contacts, in case your developers have future needs for quick design questions or advice.