Table of Contents in Reports



ReportMill has a simple facility for creating a table of contents at the beginning of a report. To achieve this for any given template, do the following:

  • On the first page of your template, select the menu item "Pages -> Add Page Previous"
  • On that page, add a new Table using the "Add Shapes" button on the ToolBar.
  • Configure the DatasetKey for this table to be: TOC.<dataset-key>.<grouping-key>
  • Configure the first column of the table to use a descriptive key for your grouping
  • Configure the second column of the table to use the @page@ key (lowercase)

So, for instance, if I have a table in my report that uses the "Movies" dataset key and has a "getStudios" grouping, I would configure the table to have this grouping key:


And these columns:

@Row@. @getStudio.Name@    ...    @page@


Here's an example of that template (TableOfContents.rpt):