Java Inventor - A Rapid App Development IDE

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Key Features:Free

  • Build apps quickly
  • Customize endlessly
  • Auto-generate forms and reports
  • Graphically design UI, pages, forms, reports
  • Graphically create schema, tables, queries
  • Graphically manage, manipulate, import data
  • Javi "WebKit" enables browser style apps
  • Javi "UIKit" simplifies UI coding
  • Javi "DataKit" simplifies data management

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Java Rapid App Development IDE

Java Inventor ("Javi") is a RAD tool and IDE for JavaFX and Swing. The RAD part lets you create tables, manage data and auto-generate forms and reports. The IDE part lets you enhance your app with custom Java code. The whole solves a paradox of Java: now the best language also lets you build common applications quickly - and developers can spend their time where it really matters.

Graphical Design

Elegance, aesthetics and interactive effects have become essential to modern apps. Graphical design tools provide this and also accelerate development, improve iteration cycles and reduce maintenance. Javi features integrated graphical design tools for pages, UI, forms, reports, tables, queries, data management and more.

The page designer supports vector graphics, animation, rich text, image effects, arbitrary transforms, advanced media and much more. Auto-generate forms and reports to get started, then open in the page designer for unlimited customization.

Javi WebKit for Browser Style Apps

Javi features a WebKit, with classes for URL, File, Site, Page, Browser and Web, that lets you easily create applications in the browser paradigm. Every file in a Javi project, whether a page, form, report, UI file, image, sound, html or even a custom Java class, can be referenced as a URL, loaded as a File from a Site, displayed as a Page in the Browser and run as a stand-alone app. This solves a significant issue with Java: now Java runs as a browser instead of in the browser.

The Javi WebKit simplifies resource management and handles application navigation, page transitions, background loading, logins, backtracking, bookmarks, history, bread-crumbs and more. This is a significant improvement over popping up windows, swapping out content panes and the stunted browser support that applets alone provided.

Javi UIKit for Building, Binding, Managing UI

Javi features a UI management class for JavaFX that acts as Grand Central Station to enable anything related to the UI in a simple and consistent manner. Subclass JFXFileOwner to automatically load an accompanying UI file and optionally customize InitUI, ResetUI and RespondUI. JFXFileOwner automatically handles UI loading, configuration, data binding and event processing. One line of code can setValue on any control, add key bindings, enable/respond to events, run a dialog box and much more. The simple consistent API for this class eliminates the need to learn the API for dozens of others and makes UI coding more consistent and concise. The API of the native toolkit is still available as well.

There is an interchangeable sister class for Swing (SwingFileOwner) making it trivial to switch or migrate between Swing and JavaFX, which also opens the door for future client technologies.

Javi DataKit for Data Management, Transport, Server, Sandbox

Javi features a DataKit with classes for Table, Row, Query, View and DataSource. Fetching, displaying, creating, modifying, saving and deleting data is trivial. Related objects in the object graph are loaded automatically on-demand and can be pulled from different data sources. Transport from a cloud server or database is handled automatically with REST/JSON support. Implementations for Google App Engine, JDBC, HTTP, FTP, FlatFile and others are provided

Shipping December 2013

Javi is almost done and very mature due to the fact that Javi is written with Javi. Everything you see was built with the Javi graphical designers and uses the WebKit, UIKit and DataKit. Source is available, but what we really need are benefactors that want to increase quality, improve productivity, save development time and reduce cost. Send us a note (javi@reportmill.com) and let us know what you think!