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Jeff Martin, CEO

Jeff Martin, a CS graduate of Texas A & M (1990), came to ReportMill after spending much of the 90's at Apple Computer/NeXT Software ('90-'97) as an engineer in the platform graphics group, the database technologies group and the professional services group. Before its acquisition by Apple, NeXT was considered a leader in publishing, developer tools (desktop/web/database) and object-oriented technologies.

Jeff drew from this unique background in both graphics and databases, along with professional services experiences at several Fortune 500 companies (Fannie Mae, Koch Industries, Bozell) to help create ReportMill - the world's first "Object Reporting Tool". ReportMill's innovations are a vast departure from traditional database reporting tools which resulted in significant improvements for application reporting. In addition, ReportMill has a remarkable set of graphics features - a critical area overlooked by other reporting tools.

Jeff's role as lead architect and engineer for ReportMill has given him a broad range of specialties, including 2D & 3D graphics, text layout and editing, PDF and Flash generation, TrueType font parsing, data manipulation (group, sort, filter), UI design (and UI builder building), database programming and more.

Jeff has also taken the leading role in establishing ReportMill as a major player in the Java application reporting market with accomplishments in sales, marketing, partnerships, management, tech writing, training, support, release control, web mastering and more.